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Our butt enlargement set, helps you achieve a bigger and rounder butt, and firm your glutes with a minimum workout. It is 100% safe with all-natural ingredients that will stimulate the growth of fat cells in the butt and hips area.



For the best result, you should massage the oil on your butt/hip up to 3 times daily and Scrub twice a week allow our products to help you achieve the figure 8 body, that you richly deserve. Let the product work gradually to give you the desired result. A long-term commitment is key for better results. honesty speaking, please note that just one try, one purchase will not magically give you the bigger and rounder booty that you want. it will not happen overnight, consistency is the key.


Set Includes: butt enlargement oil and Butt scrub


when showering use the scrub to scrub your glutes, dry self, then use oil by massaging your backside going upward.  

MarGlow butt enlargement set


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